KANSAS PTA RESOLUTION - Teacher Quality: Recruitment, Retention, and Resources

Whereas,    The Kansas PTA believes that all children and youth should have the opportunity, through free public education, to develop to their full potential, and that educators and the general public should unite in efforts to secure for all children and youth the highest advantages of physical, mental and social education; and

Whereas,    Research shows that teacher quality—the combination of teacher knowledge, skills and expertise—is the single most important educational resource influencing student learning and academic performance; and

Whereas,      All Kansas teachers should receive quality preparation, be fully licensed for their teaching area and age, and have an understanding of how to teach students from diverse backgrounds with an array of learning styles; and

Whereas,    Studies show that high quality teacher preparation that occurs along a continuum including well supervised and supported student-teaching experience in the areas of instruction, classroom management, lesson-planning and curriculum implementation; and the provision of induction and mentoring programs that provide support and assistance for beginning teachers, contribute to a more highly skilled teacher corps and to increase teacher retention, as well as to student achievement; and

Whereas,    High quality, standards-based and subject-relevant professional development, (including teacher in-service and continuing education) that is well planned and carefully targeted to help both new and experienced teachers improve their skills and expertise promotes opportunities for individual academic success for children; and

Whereas,    To sustain high-quality, licensed teaching pool, schools must have funding sufficient to provide compensation and benefits for teachers that are comparable to other professionals and sufficient funds for necessary classroom supplies, teaching materials, teacher support, adequate teacher resources and improved working conditions; now therefore be it

Resolved    That the Kansas PTA and its units and councils will work to educate their membership and the general public about the need for quality teachers who are knowledgeable in their subject matter and teaching methods, and who are able to provide learning opportunities that enable all children to develop to their full potential; and be it further

Resolved    That Kansas State PTA and its units and councils will advocate for and support state and local policies, programs and practices that promote the recruitment, hiring and retention of well prepared, fully licensed teachers; and be it further

Resolved    That Kansas State PTA and its units and councils advocate for

  • Rigorous standards-based teacher preparation programs that prepare competent, licensed teacher:
  • Policies and programs that provide financial and professionally-based incentives that encourage individuals to enter and remain in the teaching profession; and
  • Implementation of policies and programs that support beginning teachers; and be it further

Resolved    That Kansas State PTA and its units and councils will advocate that appropriate state and local agencies provide for all teachers high-quality standards-based professional development and continuing teacher education programs for which they are compensated, that are aimed at assisting both new teachers and experienced teachers to improve their teaching skills, methodologies and practices; and be it further

Resolved    That the Kansas State PTA advocate for sufficient state funding to provide for teacher salaries and benefits competitive with other professions, funds for materials essential to the performance of teaching responsibilities, and funds for teacher support, including but not limited to mentoring, peer assistance, networking and team building.

Adopted – Convention 2002