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Honorable State Representative and Senator,

I urge you to vote NO on the proposed Tax Plan.

The Kansas economy has been growing without the proposed tax cuts. 

Strong public schools and a well-educated work force are critical to maintaining this trend.

The risk is too high. We need the state to begin restoring education cuts, not sending Kansas on a race to the bottom.


We are counting on your NO vote for public education and Kansas youth.


[Your name, city or address]

Kansas PTA member


Action Alert in Brief:  Legislators in the House and Senate agreed on a tax plan yesterday (Thurs, April 26) that would cut an estimated $500 million of revenue for the state budget each year over the next five years (estimated at about $2.5 billion total).  To put this into perspective – the state cut $800 million from the education budget over the past three years or just a third of the proposed cuts on the table today. If the tax plan passes, past cuts will likely go into effect permanently and more cuts will follow, without significant increases to local property taxes. The economy has been growing without these tax cuts. The very real risk includes larger class sizes, more teacher layoffs, less instructional support for learning and teaching, more school closings, fewer resources for marginalized youth, fewer electives, more fees - to name a few. Standards are rising, demands for educational resources are growing. Take action today, so our Kansas children will be prepared for the demands of tomorrow.

For more details, see Kansas PTA Myth Busters series.


Kansas legislative negotiators agree on tax cuts

By JOHN HANNA. The Associated Press

TOPEKA -- Kansas would cut its sales, business and individual income taxes, eventually by at least $500 million a year, under a new plan designed to stimulate the state’s economy.

Negotiators for the Kansas House and Senate agreed on the plan Thursday. The compromise reconciles numerous differences between the two chambers over tax policy…
Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/04/26/3578757/kansas-legislative-negotiators.html#storylink=cpy