Desperate Kansas lawmakers want to ignore history of GOP's reckless tax cuts

In May of 2012, the Kansas PTA Advocacy team of Debbie Lawson and Mary Sinclair, wrote a piece on the 2012 Kansas Tax Cuts, the expected results of these cuts, and which of the Kansas House and Senate Legislators voted for and against the bill. In the PTA Vote Count that they produced, they talked about how damaging it would be to the Kansas economy and to the education of our students. They pointed out that it did not align with the Kansas PTA Legislative Platform that is voted on each year by our convention body. Their piece was insightful, on point, and documented with references to materials that were available at the time. It is interesting to note that their piece was used today, almost four years later, as a reference in an op/ed in the Kansas City Star by Yael Abouhalkah.

It will be even more interesting to note what will be said about Kansas' economy and education opportunities for our students four years from now. Will the conversation have changed? Will the pathway for our students be open and inviting or will it be narrow and restrictive. We, the voting public of Kansas, can decide that pathway this fall. We can choose to continue the current path or we can choose to speak up for those in our state that are most vulnerable. I assure you that Kansas PTA will continue to speak up for the children of Kansas as we have for over 100 years. We hope that an informed and voting public will do the same.

Denise Sultz
Kansas PTA President

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Yael Abouhalkah