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In May of 2012, the Kansas PTA Advocacy team of Debbie Lawson and Mary Sinclair, wrote a piece on the 2012 Kansas Tax Cuts, the expected results of these cuts, and which of the Kansas House and Senate Legislators voted for and against the bill. In the PTA Vote Count that they produced, they talked about how damaging it would be to the Kansas economy and to the education of our students. They pointed out that it did not align with the Kansas PTA Legislative Platform that is voted on each year by our convention body.

A new report released today by the Kansas Association of School Boards shows that Kansas school districts have added almost 4,000 teaching positions since 1998, an increase of nearly 13 percent, or four times the rate of student growth. Over the same period, districts have reduced the number of superintendents by nearly 7 percent and principals by 6 percent.That has allowed districts to reduce class size and add teachers for special education, kindergarten and early childhood programs, and other special services.

A legislative effort to ban Kansas’ standards for teaching math and English has resurfaced in the Legislature for a fourth year in a row.
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Monday, Feb. 22, 2016
By Celia Llopis-Jepsen