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Topeka — The chairman of a House committee charged with crafting a new school finance formula plans this coming week to start reviewing the bills that have been introduced so far, and could open formal hearings on one of the bills as early as Thursday.

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TOPEKA — The budget cuts and tax increases have been called off for now.

Kansas lawmakers headed to the Senate floor early Thursday set to begin debate on legislation that would raise taxes and slash this year’s budget to help balance the state’s finances.

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Kansas legislators examined the impact of across the board cuts to K12 public education, under the scenario of making no changes to the 2012 tax policy. Schools would be required to cut $219 million this school year, and more going into next year.

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About a third of the 2015-2016 Kansas legislature were not re-elected to this 2017 session. Kansans parents ask that this new body of legislators, particularly those returning supporters of public education, to push for transparency and to draw upon the school finance work done by Kansas communities despite legislative directives these past few years.