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All states have renewed their efforts to give each child a quality education by evaluating and in many cases
overhauling their state education standards. By now, most states have adopted higher College and Career Ready
Standards; some have adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), some have opted for a hybrid of the
CCSS, and others have created their own standards entirely. Whichever standards your state uses, the goal is the same: to ensure that every child graduates high school ready for college or career.

TOPEKA  - A bill that would make major changes in how the state pays for schools could become law as early as the end of this week.

New bill targets science and AP curriculums, as well

Kansas lawmakers are making a third attempt at unraveling the state's standards for teaching math, English, science, and other subjects, after failing to pass similar bills the past two years.

In the second week of the 2015 legislative session, the Senate education panel has received a tweaked version of previous efforts to scuttle the state's teaching guidelines for those subjects.

The bill, introduced Thursday, would force Kansas to revert on July 1 to the standards it used before 2010.